Friday, 5 July 2013

EU Referendum Moves A Step Closer

Today, MPs in Parliament debated and voted 304 to zero on take the Conservative EU Referendum Bill to the second stage to legislate for an in-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU before the end of 2017.

No institution can survive without the people’s support and the EU that will emerge from the Eurozone crisis may look very different from the EU before that crisis. Every country in the EU will have to make potentially fundamental choices about their place in Europe as a result and the future shape of Europe for decades will be determined by those choices.

That is why it is Conservative policy to seek reform so that the EU can become more competitive and flexible for the modern age. We want powers to come back to the countries of the EU and so that national parliaments, the indispensable vessels of democracy, can have a more powerful role and then, as our Bill would do, put the decision in the hands of the British people.

That is why every MP who is a true democrat can and should unite behind the EU Referendum Bill as it progresses through Parliament. It is about letting the people decide.

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