Friday, 5 July 2013

Len McCluskey’s Unite union is taking over the Labour Party

A storm is brewing after Labour have referred the selection of its 2015 General Election candidate in Falkirk to the Police. According to an internal Labour report, Unite members were being signed up to the local party without their knowledge in a bid to rig the contest. This row threatens to engulf the party into all out Civil War.

Unite have dominated Labour’s candidate selections.  28 Labour candidates selected so far are linked to Unite. This means over 40 per cent of Labour’s target seats are in the hands of Unite. The Union have also bankrolled Labour to the tune of £8.4 million since Ed Miliband became leader – the biggest single donor to the Party.

A leaked internal Unite report this week also shows that Unite have been ‘supporting’ Unite candidates in 41 Labour PPC selections across the country, including Falkirk.

Not content with trying to takeover the Labour Party from the bottom up, Unite are also trying to take it over from the top. It is worth remembering that Unite contributed £115,000 to his leadership campaign fund and urged all its members to vote for Ed Milliband in the leadership election.

Ever since, Ed Milliband has danced to Unite's tune. In Februay this year, Unite Leader Len McClusky attacked free schools, so did Ed Milliband at Prime Ministers Question Time this week. Len McClusky opposed the Welfare Reform Bill, so did Labour. In 2010 Len McClusky attacked the government's plans to get spending under control, Labour, since 2010, have opposed every measure to get public spending under control. You get the picture.

Ed Milliband knows that to stand a chance in the General Election he can not be seen as a puppet to the unions, yet knows that they are bankrolling the party and has to dance to their tune. What is clear, is that Ed Miliband is a weak leader who could not take the tough decisions needed to cut the deficit, fix the welfare system and turn Britain around.

If he cannot stand up to Len McCluskey, he cannot stand up for hardworking people. If he can not lead his Party, then he certainly can not lead the country.

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