Saturday, 24 August 2013

Political Silly Season

As we are in the midst of the annual political silly season it seems that Conservative councillors were the source of copy for the BBC Sunday Politics this week. Appearing in my inbox, disguised as a local government survey, was a survey by polling company ComRes. Some of the questions asked of me included:

1. Did I think “climate change is not happening"
2. Did I think “Immigration has had a negative impact on Britain”
3. Did I support a ban on the burkha
4. Did I believe that David Cameron and George Osborne “arrogant”
5. Will legalising gay marriage will cost my party more votes than it gains at the next Election”
6. Would I support an electoral pact with UKIP

No doubt in the name of impartiality The BBC will be wasting more license money asking Labour councillors specifically designed awkward questions. Maybe they could ask:

1. Do you agree with fracking?
2. Do you agree with Diane Abbott that there should be more immigration.
3. (For London Councillors only) Do you agree with Chuka Ummuna that Londoners are Trashy and Wannabe’s?
4.  Do you agree with Chris Bryant that we should lay off illegal immigrants and leave them alone?
5. Do you agree with Len McCluskies latest bid to destroy Jaguar Land-Rover with a series of strikes?
6. Do you agree that benefits should be increased and should be enshrined as a human right?
7. Do you agree with Ed Miliband that there should be no referendum on EU membership, and we should have greater European integration?
8. Do you agree that the last Labour Government's economic policies screwed the economy?

What I would have like to be asked was whether I would like crime to be 10% lower overnight by abolishing the telly tax.

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