Monday, 26 August 2013

When Southend Had a Months Rainfall In A Day

Whilst the flooding on City Beach and Chalkwell has been well documented Shoeburyness did not escape the carnage which saw over 64mm of rain water fall. It was estimated that much of this fell between 12:00 - 16:00, with the highest hourly rainfall 22.6 at around 13:00.

Across much of the town there were manhole covers lifting and a strong stench of sewage. Although these are the responsibility of Anglian Water, the council have been working with Anglian Water all over the Bank Holiday to replace them.

Clean up operations are still continuing focusing on the worst hit areas. There are a number of road surfaces that were also damaged due to the flooding and repairs will be undertaken. Although priority is being given to the areas which have been flooded, most streets have debris from tree vegetation that was dislodged in the rain and cleansing across the town will be scheduled.

From the residents that both Cllr Hadley and I have spoken to over the weekend in Shoebury, residents have nothing but praise for the clear up operation by council staff and its contractors. Once the Bank Holiday has finished, both Cllr Hadley and I will be asking questions of the Environment Agency as it was evidently clear that most of the flooding issues in Shoebury were caused by the River Shoe.

Whilst there were some issues with dislodged manhole covers due to the shear volume of rainfall, the areas in Shoebury worst hit were due to the River Shoe not being able to flow at certain spots because of the weeds, vegetation and debris that the Environment Agency have failed to clear over time.

I will also be asking the Police why Ness Road by Shoebury Common Car Park was not closed with cars diverted up Maplin Way and Church Road.

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