Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lib Dem Conference

It is this time of year again when all the major parties hold their annual conference shindig. Last week it was Lib Dems, this weekend we have UKIP committee political suicide, next week it's Labour's turn followed by the Conservatives.

With a lack of quality comedy on television, UKIP are providing the entertainment with only the Benny Hill music appearing to be missing. On Friday, at 13:00 UKIP were holding an event on encouraging more women into politics and by 13:30 they were sluts. You just couldn't make it up.

What was very striking about the Lib Dem conference was how incredibly dull it was. The Lib Dem conference seemed to be focussed around two things this year, firstly, a 5p charge on carrier bags and Vince Cable, the Anti-Business Secretary, making a fuss by coming out as opposed to the Lib Dem leadership and its economic policies. 

The proposed 5p charge for carrier bags is a terrible policy because this industry employs many people and doesn't solve the problem of a cleaner environment as those who throw litter will still be doing soon. 

It also begs the question as to why is this suddenly a Lib Dem flagship policy. It's not a vote winner but yet that was the only policy being talked about. Nobody will say in 2015 "I'm voting Lib Dem because I want to pay 5p for every carrier bag". 

Vince Cable has done bugger all in his job except slap more regulation on business and hike across the Indian Sub continent in a desperate attempt to increase trade despite the EU tariffs. This is not the way to run a department if we are to grow the economy, create jobs and make everyone lives better. Cable's policies are from the dark days of a command economy where everyone was equal, equally poor and abused by the state. It's a wonder he still has a job, please.

The only other mildly interesting thing was the prospect of a by-election after Ed Davey had a near death experience from a falling sign.

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