Thursday, 3 October 2013

Chalking Up More Hypocricy

A somewhat bizarre letter appeared in yesterday's Echo from the Shoeburyness ward Independent Party councillor Anne Chalk on the issue of CCTV Vehicles. I thought I would share with you my letter penned to the Echo in response:


Often we have to witness Cllr Chalk trying to re-write history to mask the hypocrisy in what she will say to her residents as they differ from her actions in the Civic Centre and sadly her actions on the issue of CCTV Vehicles are typical of her behaviour.

It was interesting to note Cllr Chalk (Echo Letters 02/10/13) wants to see the CCTV Vehicles abolished yet never asked for their removal when a review of the CCTV Vehicles was debated at pre cabinet scrutiny, three times at full council, cabinet and at scrutiny committee.

I also noted that Cllr Chalk again questions the CCTV Vehicles legality, but conveniently forgets that she was exposed by the Echo for wanting the CCTV Vehicles to patrol East Beach to monitor Anti-Social Behaviour which is outside Government guidelines on their use.

In fact the Independent Party have had a somewhat chequered relationship with the CCTV Vehicles. Despite using this as an election issue in 2012, as part of the CCTV Vehicle review, we actually had their leader Cllr Terry propose that the hours that the vehicles are in operation be increased. 

The most shameless actions are arguably from Cllr Stafford, who appeared in a BBC documentary in January of this year as part of an action group campaigning for their withdrawal, yet he and his fellow Independent Party colleagues in Thorpe signed a memorandum of understanding with the Conservative Group in May 2012 where one of the agreed areas were the continued use of the CCTV Vehicles in Southend.

Cllr Chalk's parting shot was suggesting that we should use the CCTV equipment from the vehicles to record proceedings in the Council chamber. I can only assume that Cllr Chalk must have forgotten that this administration voted to introduce webcasting of Full Council meetings. To remind Cllr Chalk, when webcasting of council meetings was discussed, she voted against it.

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