Sunday, 13 October 2013

Policing In Shoebury

In the Echo this week there have been a couple of high profile incidents in Shoebury which have made front page news. Whilst these types of incidents are thankfully rare, the Police reported to scrutiny this week that overall crime is up across Southend especially burglary and street robbery.

I have always been of the belief that whilst violent crime is extremely unpleasant, it is low level crime like burglary and street robbery which have more impact on people and local communities. For example, burglary makes people feel that their own private space has been violated, then it is the unpleasant clear up, the fear and then an increase in insurance premiums.

At the last Shoebury Police Neighbourhood Action Panel, the attendance is always an indicator of how the impact of crime us as if there is low attendance then things are generally fine. At this particular meeting, there was standing room only.

One after another, residents were reporting instances of Anti-Social Behaviour all over Shoeburyness, from Bishopsteignton to Shoebury High Street. This post isn't a criticism of the local Shoebury Policing Team as they do a sterling job, but local Policing Teams do not patrol 24/7.

As a result, I took an action to contact Nick Alston the Police & Crime Commissioner to ask if he could raise the issue of Policing and Anti-Social Behaviour with the Chief Constable when they next meet.

I was delighted this week to receive a response back from the Commissioner, who confirmed that he will be taking this issue up when he next meets with the Chief Constable. Hopefully, the Chief Constable will agree that additional Police resources are needed to help the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Shoebury.

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