Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Odd Behaviour

Over this years, this blog has published the antics of the Independent Party's former Labour Party member Cllr Anne Chalk. So surreal have the comments and actions been at times it has made scripts on Eastenders seem like routine everyday life. This week, Cllr Chalk surpassed herself by deciding to demean Cllr Courtenay's and I's fundraising exploits for Movember.

Whilst once again trying to climb upon the passing bandwagon past her front door in Shoebury High Street, just last week, Anne claimed that the flood risk at Shoebury Common was low.

Yet back in April, so concerned was Anne of the flood risk at Shoebury Common, she proposed building a marina as a flood defence!

In desperation of wanting to try and be popular all principles and moral compass seem to have been abandoned  by Anne at East Beach. Still, I'm sure the residents that Anne supposedly represents in her ward who live in the flood plain will be delighted that she wants to potentially endanger their homes and lives with  her latest comments


Anonymous said...

The Movember comments are best ignored, I'd say, on the basis that they're verging on unintelligible.

The flooding issue is one of the problems of "independent" candidates. They don't have to toe a party line, true, but they also don't have any manner of consistency in their pronouncements beyond a vague and disreputable opportunism.

Peter Lovett said...

At least she cares about what her electorate thinks and is trying to find an alternative to building a massive 2 metre high wall through a Common that was enjoyed by thousands before Tony Cox was even born. I am sure those people are the 80% that are against his view and the same people he will be seeking support from next May. Shame