Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Co-operative Bank: The Serious Questions That Balls and Miliband Must Answer

1. Will Labour co-operate with the inquiry into the Co-op and Paul Flowers’ role?

2. Paul Flowers describes Ed Balls as his “political friend”. Did Balls’ office mislead by claiming he had never met him formally or informally?

3. Why is Ed Balls refusing to return the £50,000 donation from the Co-op Group in 2012 and why did Ed Balls say it was ‘untrue’ to say Paul Flowers approved it when the Co-op’s 2012 Annual Report shows that he did?

4. Did Ed Miliband discuss the Co-op’s loan to Labour at his formal meeting with Paul Flowers in March this year?

5. Can Ed Balls confirm whether the Labour Party had any knowledge whatsoever about Paul Flowers’ misconduct as a councillor once it came to light internally?

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