Saturday, 14 December 2013

Flushed With Success

Following a mammoth Full Council meeting starting at 18:30 Thursday evening and finishing at 01:45 Friday morning I managed to have a few hours kip before the alarm clock woke me at 06:00 for a live BBC Essex broadcast at Bell Wharf toilets after they won a Platinum Award in the 2013 Loo of the Year Awards.

Public toilets have been judged all across the country in the Loo of the Year Awards since 1987. Every winning toilet received an unannounced visit and is apparently judged by over 100 different criteria. People who listened to BBC Essex yesterday morning said the broadcast was a hoot.

Not only did Bell Wharf loos win a Platinum Award but seven other public toilets across the borough also won the Gold Award. According to the Loo of the Year Awards, the number of gongs put Southend into the 'Premier League' of public toilets, probably the only time we will see Southend in the Premier League (Sorry Southend United Supporters).

The joking aside, whether it is cleanliness of our streets or our public toilets, Southend is a clean and attractive place to live, work or visit.

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