Sunday, 15 December 2013

Joining Forces With SKIPP?

Back in September, Mark Sharp, one of the committee members of SKIPP announced that he would be standing an an Independent candidate in Milton at next May's local elections.

It has long been wondered if this announcement would mean that Mark Sharp would be a true Independent candidate or one of Cllr Martin Terry's Independent Party. Following the announcement, one inquisitive commenter posed  the same question:

It may be that the answer lies in a response by Cllr Brian Ayling, the Independent Party councillor for SKIPP St Lukes.

Apart from heaping praise on one of his camp buddies he didn't actually deny that Mark Sharp wouldn't be standing as an Independent Party candidate. Could it be that the two Independent Party councillors who visited Camp Cuckoo at Shoebury Common last Sunday were lending support to one of their comrades? 

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