Sunday, 15 December 2013

The UKIP Seal

I noticed tucked away amongst the SKIPP/Friends of Shoebury campaign group in the public gallery at Thursday's Full Council meeting was  my old West Shoebury UKIP foe James Moyies.  

It came as no surprise to see James with such company, especially as back in May of this year he confirmed in a comment on Cllr Ware-Lane's blog that he supports the do nothing option at Shoebury Common, putting people's lives, homes and livelihoods at risk by claiming that sea defences would spoil the area, be useless and surrender our beach. This view is firmly in the SKIPP/Friends of Shoebury Common school of thought.

After the meeting, one councillor commented that he could not help but notice James clapping like a hyperactive seal every time one of the Independent Party councillors shared the same viewpoint.

Thursday must have been like a school reunion for James, considering that in March 2010 he congratulated the SKIPP protesters at Camp Cuckoo on a 'well made protest' when he visited the illegal encampment protesting at the new road improvements to Cuckoo Corner.

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