Saturday, 14 December 2013

Three Down, Two To Go

The Loo of the year awards wasn't the only piece of good news for the town yesterday. I was delighted to hear that the Council was successful in receiving £3.2 Million in Government funding to make improvements to the Tesco roundabout junction.

This administration gave the commitment to reduce congestion at the junctions on the A127 following the improvements at both Cuckoo Corner and Progress Road. I believe that improving the Tesco roundabout junction will not only ease congestion and improve traffic flow but will also offer a major boost to encouraging economic growth at the proposed Airport Business Park.

Whilst I am naturally delighted with the funding for this particular junction, we are also actively making the case for further improvement to Kent Elms and the Bell junctions. The improvements at the Tesco roundabout is an important further step towards completing all five junctions.

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