Friday, 13 December 2013

Where's The Independent Party Councillors?

Earlier this week, I exposed the links between SKIPP and the Friend's of Common and their opposition to any improved flood defences at Shoebury Common.

Despite the uncertainty within the Friends of Shoebury Common ranks as to whether I was invited to attend the SKIPP/Friends of Shoebury Common Camp Squat last weekend, I am grateful to the Friends of Shoebury Common for sending me a photo of the gathering.

As we are approaching Christmas, I though I would do a twist on the festive favourite Where's Wally and play Where's the Independent Party Councillors at Camp Squat:

Now we know that SKIPP/Friends of Shoebury Common are opposed to any improvements to flood defences at Shoebury Common, it did appear odd that two Independent Party Councillors who were in attendance actually proposed alternative flood defence schemes. Surely it is time for them to come clean on their real beliefs.

Unfortunately there was a third Independent Party Councillor who backs putting peoples lives, homes and livelihoods at risk. Step forward Cllr Brian Ayling, Independent Party Councillor for SKIPP St Lukes. Although not present at Camp Squat, Cllr Ayling took to to the SKIPP facebook page to congratulate SKIPP's actions.

It is the word again, which intrigues me the most. I wonder which other protests it could be that he offers his congratulations? Could it be the camp that SKIPP set up on a graveyard  in Victoria Avenue? Or could it be the obstruction of the Highway when protesting about City Beach?

I don't think it could be the protest to the 'save the trees' at Cuckoo Corner considering that he was happy for the removal of two perfectly good trees for a crossing at the end of his road so residents could shop at Aldi. He wouldn't be a hypocrite now, would he?

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