Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Council budget 2014/15

The proposed budget papers have been released although they remain subject to change before a final budget is agreed at a meeting of the Full Council in February.

In general I would say that this is a budget for austere times, cushioning households from financial pressures whilst spending on things which the public say matter e.g. continuing to budget to improve roads and pavements and street lighting, investing in our children’s futures through school building, school improvement staff and future jobs whilst sustaining the excellence of our in house services achieved over recent years and done through a continued drive for efficiencies and success in levering funds into the town.

Whilst savings have to be made, the budget proposes £52.763M of new capital schemes over the period 2014/15 – 2017/18This includes Airport Business Park (£10M), Victoria Avenue (£8M), Re provision of Carefirst (£1.5M), Other ICT investment (£2.2M), Re provision of Viking Day Centre (£2M), New Primary School Places (£10M), LED Street Lighting (£2.5M), Tesco roundabout (3£.263M), Highway maintenance and improvement (£6.7M) Property refurbishment (£1.2M), Belfairs Swimming Pool (£55K).

To help hard pressed families, it is proposed that Council Tax will be frozen for the third time in four years and car parking charges will be frozen for the sixth time in seven years. 

Adding the proposed savings to those made over the last 8 years means that we will have delivered £79.05 Million of revenue savings on a year on year basis. This has been whilst meeting increasing demand for services and driving up performance across the organisation.  

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