Saturday, 18 January 2014

West Leigh By-Election - The Real Face of UKIP

With the amount of literature published by the political parties in the lead up to the West Leigh by-election this Thursday, it will give the recycling figures for the ward a healthy boost.

Whilst out again this afternoon campaigning for the excellent Georgina Phillips, there were another couple of leaflets delivered by UKIP to assist the figures.

The first was a glossy leaflet showing all the types of people who are voting UKIP this year.

On the front page one thing that immediately caught my eye was the picture of Winston McKenzie as one of the 'faces of UKIP'. Some may recall that Winston McKenzie was the UKIP candidate in the Croydon North parliamentary by election back in November 2012. Winston made the headlines during the by election for all the wrong reasons by calling gay adoption 'child abuse'. Is this actually the true face of UKIP that residents in West Leigh want to vote for? 

Next up we had UKIP leaflet number 2. This time it wasn't the nastiness but the deceit.

One of the reasons given as to why West Leigh residents should vote for UKIP, is that, 'UKIP councillors do not follow a party whip' and uses the elected UKIP councillors on Essex County Council as the beacon example. What the leaflet will not say however is that last week the Southend Echo did a piece on the Essex County Council UKIP councillors and reported that they have just appointed a Chief Whip!

Do UKIP really think that people will be sucked in by portrayal of the 'nice face of UKIP' and the deceit. Sadly, UKIP seem to think so.  

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