Wednesday, 26 February 2014


The brass neck award for 2014 has already been won in February. The award has been duly won by Brian Lee, the UKIP election agent for Castle Point for his letter in today's Echo.

To suggest that electing a few UKIP MEP's removes the need for a referendum on leaving the EU is not just wrong or misleading, it is irresponsible.

I am one of many who believe that the people of Britain deserve a right to have their say on the UK's continued membership of the EU in a referendum and have questioned in the past whether UKIP really do want to leave the EU and comments like this only reenforce my suspicions.

Only an act of Parliament can legislate to leave the EU or give the people a referendum. As UKIP have no MP's or ever likely to, Labour and the Lib Dems are against having a referendum, it is only a Conservative government that will let you, the people, decide.

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