Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trouble On Sea?

Yesterday the most intriguing letter from the husband of Shoeburyness Independent Party councillor Anne Chalk appeared in the Echo.

Whilst I do not believe for one minute that Burgess Estate Residents Association will ever control the council, they clearly do run the Independent Party in Southend.

In what is clearly a thinly veiled attack from Anne using her husband as a human shield, it is yet another hand grenade lobbed into the Civil War brewing within the Independent Party.

We have seen Dr Vel leave the party to become a true Independent, Alex Kaye rejoin the Conservatives after becoming 'disillusioned' and their party leader Cllr Terry announce that he will play chicken and leave Westborough ward a year early so he can stand in Thorpe ward in May as he did not fancy his re-election chances.

With the Independent Party's SKIPP buddies being caught red handed delivering Ron Woodley's infamous 'Conservative At Sea' leaflets in Milton this week reaffirming their alliance and the coalition with UKIP, the Indies are fast forming the dregs of Southend politics. One thing is sure, it can only lead to trouble by the sea.

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