Sunday, 16 February 2014

Why Did They Decide To Go It Alone?

With a wretched cold and bug completely ruining my weekend campaigning, I have had the Winter Olympics coverage as bed companion whilst catching up with back issues of the Southend Echo. Last week, there was a feature on the rise of the Independents. An interesting article in so many ways.

Not withstanding the irony that party leader Cllr Terry claimed that the Independent Party work only in opposition yet in the letters pages on the same day Cllr Ayling claims the Indies will form the administration after the local elections in May.

The article proved once again just how far the Indies will go to deceive. The article run an feature on former Lib Dem Cllr Brian Ayling. Brian claimed that he got involved with the Independent Party as he thought fellow St Lukes councillor Paul Van Looy was an excellent councillor and didn't want to stand against him in 2011 as instructed by his Lib Dem leader.

This is an odd claim as a quick check on the council website shows that Cllr Van Looy was only first elected in 2011. Still I suppose this claim is more accurate than the denial of coalition with UKIP.

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