Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Do As I Say Not As I Do

I stumbled across an article from the Leigh Times on the 14th July 2009, which I thought deserved a little mention, as those who live in the East of the town may not be aware of this fortnightly paper. There was one section in particular which I thought I would share. It goes:

"I say self serving very pointedly at Mr Amess; he claims in his article '"my own objective in entering politics was to make a real difference to the community I was elected to serve". Would that be the community in Basildon that he deserted in 1997?

"Many would argue this was purely for self serving purposes? Mr Amess came to Southend West ahead of the Labour landslide knowing he would lose his Basildon seat; he had a good chance remaining in Parliament coming to Southend West.

"There are many angry, deserted and disgruntled people in Basildon and Southend following what become known as his 'chicken run' to his safe seat".

The author of this article was none other than the 'chicken runner' himself, leader of the Independent Party Cllr Martin Terry, who has deserted his residents in Westborough to stand in Thorpe as he believes he will lose his Westborough seat in 2015. Just fancy that!

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