Friday, 14 March 2014

New Crossings For Elm Road Roundabout

At the recent Debate Shoebury VII, students from Shoeburyness High School were debating with me and officers the need for safer crossings at the Elm Road roundabout.

During the debate, the students explained that they had carried out research into the issue and had managed to achieve funding of £40,000 from the Road Safety Foundation for two crossings on the Elm Road and Caulfield Road near to the roundabout.

Yesterday, I was delighted to give the students from Shoeburyness High School the opportunity to present the proposal to members of the Traffic & Parking Working Party so it could be formally approved.

I was only too happy to support this measure as were in fairness my fellow ward colleagues and all the Shoeburyness ward councillors. The proposals will now be subject to statutory consultation.

There is no doubt that this was an exceptional achievement, one which I doubt will be bettered. I mentioned last night that young people in this town, collectively, get a hard time, but the students who obtained this funding gave us a reminder of the exceptionally talented young people that we have in Shoeburyness and Southend.    

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