Saturday, 19 April 2014


This week, a readers letter from an S Newman purporting to be living in Caulfield Road part of West Shoebury ward appeared in the Southend Echo

Every now and then this name crops up in the Echo letters pages showing support or leaping to the defence of the Southend Independent Party. Even by usual standards, the defence by S Newman of the Southchurch Independent Party Candidate Derek Kenyon seemed far fetched.

As it was so far fetched I did a little research. To my surprise, I found that nobody by the surname of Newman appears to be residing anywhere in Caulfield Road on the Electoral Roll. So, who could be the real author? Anyone suspect Anne Chalk?


Julian said...

It is possible that S Newman is a real person who has failed to register for the vote.

Cllr Tony Cox said...


It could be but unfortunately it is part of a worrying trend. We periodically have readers letters from an S Newman, Clive Simms and a Mr Carr all either singing the praises or defending the Independent Party, in particular Anne Chalk, yet do not appear on the Electoral Roll.

What are the chances of that happening, especially when one of the pseudonyms a couple of years back said that they were voting Independent!