Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Rainbow Coalition

It would appear from reading the Echo this morning that my predictions on Monday of a rainbow coalition seem to be about to come true. It will be fascinating to see the eventual outcome on the 5th June and who get the coveted cabinet positions.

What I did notice with some amusement from the article, was how it appears UKIP have been sidelined - even by the Independent Party with whom they announced a coalition with in December.

It would seem the leader in waiting and the self confessed 'Conservative at heart' Ron Woodley, would rather do a deal with Labour and the Liberal Democrats and cut adrift his UKIP election buddies to inherit his 'right' to become leader. It will be interesting to see at what cost. Still, it must feel like a happy homecoming for former Lib Dem Brian Ayling and the former Labour candidates Martin Terry and Anne Chalk.

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