Saturday, 7 June 2014

99 Ness Road

Appearing at the Development & Control Committee is the planning application for a Morrisons local store at 99-101 Ness Road.

This planning application was deferred from the last planning committee due to concerns regarding parking and the busy junction at Campfield Road. I have no particular issue with Morrisons coming to this location. In fact I think most residents will welcome the competition.

Having read the report on this planning application for the committee next week, I can not believe that the planning department believe 11 car parking spaces will resolve all these issues. Whilst the 11 spaces are welcome, I wonder in the longer term if they will be enough.

I say this as during the election campaign, I was talking to the manager of the Sainsburys local in the Garrison who mentioned that they were considering submitting a planning application to increase the number of parking spaces.

The 11 car parking spaces I would accept and agree to but not for the planning department to suggest that no further modifications to an already busy will be needed. I hope the Development & Control Committee take this into consideration when deciding the Morrisons application next week.

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