Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Cllr Longley - The Saviour

It would seem from the announcement in today's Echo that the new rainbow administration ploughs on in its undemocratic mannor. Last week, we saw the public announcement of the new administration before Full Council had voted in a leader riding roughshod over the local democratic process.

This week it is the announcement from Cllr Longley that he has instructed officers to 'stop work on the Library proposals'. Now, I may old fashioned, but I believe in adhering to protocols. For a Council decision to be reversed, only Council would have the ability to do so by putting a proposal paper reversing the decision through Cabinet and then being subject to scrutiny. So it would seem on the whim of any portfolio holder in this new administration a decision can be reversed.

Photographed with Cllr Longley was the new Council leader Ron Woodley, the man who supported the Library proposals by voting for them in the past two Conservative budgets. Why the sudden U-Turn?

Any delay in implementing an agreed budget decision will result in cost implications for the authority. Less than a week in, are the new administration preparing to raid the rainy day reserves already? It does however remain to be seen whether the original decision will be reversed.

What this does mean is that the announcement delays, or, puts a nail in the coffin for the new hub library which was planned to be located in West Shoebury for the benefit of all Shoebury residents. Is this what residents voted for on the 22nd May?

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Jack Palmer said...

Tony with all due respect I think the administration you support ought to think again when it comes to proper procedures. Take a look at my blog which incidentally you haven't referenced along with other peoples blogs on your blog.