Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Enforcers

It has taken less than a couple of weeks before we saw the Echo headlines of splits in the rainbow coalition, surpassing the time allocated by even the greatest of sceptics. I thought it may take a couple of months.

What will come as no surprise is that the issue which caused the rift was the flood defences at Shoebury Common. The quality that I like in politicians, whatever the colour of their rosette. is standing true to their beliefs and principles.

Cllr Julian Ware-Lane is one of those breed. It would appear that the Thorpe Independent Party playground bullies, messers Woodley and Terry, have rounded upon Julian because he had the audacity to criticise their blatant disregard for local democracy before the ink has had a chance to dry on the rainbow coalition agreement.

What really did tickle my sides was Cllr Terry claiming that Julian needs to decide whether he is inside or outside the tent. This from the man who claims that the Independent Party were always free to speak out on any issue they liked. Yet the moment a party politician dares criticise him and speak their mind on an issue he goes ballistic in the local press.

It has been noticeable since the elections how quiet the backbench Independent Party members have been. Nicely, whipped into line you could say.

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