Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Campfield Road Taxi Rank - The Scrutiny Debate

This week saw the first scrutiny committee under the rainbow administration, the first real test of the new portfolio holders under interrogation. I will blog further on the Place scrutiny committee in a later post.

An item which will not receive much attention from the cabinet papers will be the taxi rank outside the doctors surgery in Campfield Road. I have to give credit where credit is due and was pleased that Cllr Terry held his nerve and agreed to maintain the status quo despite the plausible nonsense from Cllr Chalk.

I was also interested to hear the contribution from newly elected UKIP West Shoebury councillor James Moyies on this item. James agreed that the rank should be retained but bizarrely chose to vote along with Cllr Chalk to refer the item back to cabinet. This proposal was defeated.

Part of James Moyies contribution was to propose that any unnecessary yellow lines and the disused bus stop in Towerfield Road be converted into formal parking, citing the potential parking stress in the area when the new Morrisons store opens on the corner of Campfield Road and Ness Road.

You may be thinking that you had heard this proposal before? You had, from me, two weeks ago. Under other circumstances I would have put it down as great minds think alike, but sadly, I can not. Avid followers will recall that I exposed a leaked email from James Moyies to UKIP party members where he boasted that he followed my blog to save him time and effort. It would seam that a leopard never changes its spots!

Residents in West Shoebury must be wondering why they have a sheep in wools clothing in UKIP, when they can have the real thing in Conservatives.

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