Saturday, 5 July 2014

Campfield Road Taxi Rank

This week, the new rainbow coalition held its first Cabinet meeting. Whilst most of the cabinet items seemed innocuous, there were still some items of importance which posed more questions than it did answers. I will save blogging on these until after the scrutiny committees have met to discuss these items.

One of the seemingly innocuous items was the petition, organised by Shoeburyness Independent Party councillor Anne Chalk, to remove the taxi rank from outside the Doctors surgery in Campfield Road, Shoeburyness.

Thankfully the decision to retain the rank was taken. I believe this was the correct decision as in the absence of a bus service, the local taxi service is the only mode of public transport available to take passengers to and from the Doctors Surgery.

If the rank had been removed to allow for free for all parking as the petition suggests, would have simply be taken up by staff at the surgery before patients arrived. This would have been the worst of both worlds.

I agree with the decision to create additional parking bays on the disused taxi rank in Avon Way but I do feel a trick has been missed. With the new arrival of the Morrison local store imminent on the corner of Campfield Road and Ness Road, this should have been the occasion to create additional parking spaces in Towerfield Road.

In Towerfield Road, there are swathes of unnecessary yellow lines to facilitate a bus stop for a service that no longer exists. This should be utilised to help combat the inevitable parking stress on this area.

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