Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Scrutiny Projects

Every year, each of the three scrutiny committees chose an area or topic which they would like to closely scrutinise. These projects lead to recommendations which I have rarely seen them being ignored by cabinet. The Place scrutiny committee chose to look at the issue of Foreshore erosion. An admirable topic chosen despite the warnings given the Corporate Director that specialist technical personnel would need to be brought in at vast expense and the council has no budget for it.

Whilst the funding of the project is an important issue in its own right, it was the seemingly odd behaviour of the West Shoebury UKIP councillor James Moyies. Despite his loathing of anything EU or European, he suggested, to howls of laughter, that the Council should approach the EU to fund the project. Despite seeming to be a strong advocate for the project he then bizarrely voted against the project when it came to a vote.

There is a saying that when in a hole you should stop digging. Cllr Moyies then suggested that we should approach the UKIP MEP's, the largest MEP contingent in the UK, to put pressure on Brussels for funding. This again was greeted with roars of laughter when it was pointed out that UKIP were officially the laziest group of MEP's with the worst attendance record of any party from any member state.

Many a UKIP councillor has sadly been derided for their incompetence once elected. If this is the calibre   that residents of West Shoebury can expect over the next four years then god help us!

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