Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shoebury Common Review

Over the past couple of months, one of the most trumpeted policies of the new rainbow coalition is the decision to review the preferred option for flood defences at Shoebury Common. This despite two thirds of the current administration supporting the preferred option when in opposition.

The responsibility for flood defences now falls to Cllr Terry. During the scrutiny debate, Cllr Terry claimed that the review was to look at all options with a fresh pair of eyes but then announced that it would be highly unlikely that the current preferred option would be recommended from the review.

With such predetermination of the outcome, one has to ask why bother with a costly review when you have seemingly already made up your mind.

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Jim Boscombe said...

The so called preferred option was almost unanimously rejected and the dodgy costing that officers did behind the scenes was something one reads about when talking about the Ukraine or in the ISIS controlled regions of the world. To resurrect the preferred option would be an insult to the residents who have already made their anger felt.