Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hate Mail

From time to time councillors are in receipt of some nasty communications from residents. I was not immune from this and in March last year received a pretty vile email suggesting that I should line my family up against a roundabout and let cars skid into them following some bad weather.

This is nothing compared to the unpleasant letter that my colleague Cllr Derek Jarvis received upon his return from holiday. The matter is now in the hands of the Police.


Bodens Mate said...

Calling this hate mail and wasting the time of Southend Police calling for an investigation must itself be a crime. Shame on you FORMER councillor Cox!

Tony Cox said...

Bodens Mate, do you really think sending such communications through the post is acceptable? If so, it is a sick, sick world we live in. How would your family feel if they got such a letter through the post? Terrified. I would imagine.

I accept politicians are fair game for criticism and require a thick skin but anyone of sound mind could see that a line had been crossed here.

Bodens Mate said...

No I wouldn't be terrified and nor would my family. They would however be a lot more terrified had someone put a leaflet through their door claiming a flood was imminent and showing alarming pictures of flooded houses taken nowhere near Shoebury.

I call that sick and I am glad residents have started to clear up the mess.

Tony Cox said...

Who did that then? If you are referring to me I have only ever informed residents that I believe there is a flood risk at Shoebury Common and that for me doing nothing is not an option.

All those that have put forward alternative schemes at Shoebury Common must accept the flood risk data given that there are certain parts of Shoebury Common are presently a one five year risk otherwise, why bother putting forward alternative schemes if you believe there is no flood risk.

I am no flood risk expert so therefore except the profession advice given. As I said in my previous comment, politicians are fair game for criticism but I feel this is a line crossed.

How does the saying goes, if you have to resort to personal abuse you have lost the argument.

Bodens Mate said...

As one who has "watched" your blog over the past three or four years and seen the personal attacks and abuse of people and organisations which even the borough solicitor and Essex Police have had to intervene upon on occasion then this has to be the richest statement made by a FORMER Tory. Remember that although Churchill said democracy is the worst form of governance, it is better than anything else that have been tried. The sooner your party accept Governance of the people, for the people and by the people you will be a suitable group to run the council.

Tony Cox said...

I don't know who is advising you but Essex Police and the borough solicitor have never had to interviene over this blog and force me to remove content. You have my full permission to contact them and ask.

I think you and I can agree with Churchill's comments regarding democracy. Yes, the people have spoken in Southend and I have no complaints with that. In a functioning democracy I believe my role and that of the Conservatives is to hold this administration to account and ensure that Shoebury does not once again become the forgotten part of Southend.

Bodens Mate said...

Shoebury was the forgotten part of Southend until the Tories realised that they could fix their cash-flow problem from David Cameron by selling off every bit of land possible to whoever and for whatever they could get including Care Homes, Local Libraries, etc. Thank goodness the new administration are doing all they can to avoid the misery this will cause whilst still keeping to the ill-considered Tory budget