Sunday, 7 September 2014

Keeping The Seats Warm

Whilst the summer months can be a quiet time on the local political scene, there are sometimes the odd little nugget that pops up.

I always suspected that the Independent Party leadership team of Ron Woodley and Martin Terry were power hungary and would sell their soles to the devil in a bid to get their hands on power in Southend.

Following the electoral maths after the local elections in May, they both dumped UKIP, their coalition partners in Southend, to form an administration with Labour and the Lib Dems in sheer desperation to get power.

Not wishing to upset their plaything in James Moyies, last month they made 'encouraging noises' to ensure UKIP's support for the remainder of the Civic Year. Local Labour leader Ian Gilbert and local Lib Dem leader must be furious knowing they are being used and can do very little about it.

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