Sunday, 7 September 2014

Leadership Material?

Just before the schools broke up for the annual six week summer break, Ofsted, the schools watchdog, published its report on the current state of education at Thorpe Greenways Junior School. The report was not great requiring that the school improves.

An area highlighted by Ofstead was the failure of the governing body to hold the leadership of the school to account. A member of the governing body at Thorpe Greenways is the Independent Party's new leader of the Council Cllr Ron Woodley.

At the last meeting of the Full Council and in a recent press article we have been assured by Cllr Woodley that no expense or resources will be spared on Thorpe Greenways. One has to wonder if these announcements have been made to spare the blushes of Cllr Woodley. Never in my memory have I seen a school given such treatment when given by Ofsted a notice to improve.

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