Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Somewhat Bizarre

I was recently given a copy of the most bizarre leaflet recently produced by Labour Cllr Judith McMahon in Kursaal.

It was bizarre in the fact that there is no mention of Labour or her fellow ward colleague Anne Jones. When leaflets are published like these from time to time it normally suggests that all is not well and a defection from the party is on the cards.

We have already seen a spat between Shoeburyness Independent Party councillors Anne Chalk and Mike Assenheim, Cllr Terry getting his knickers in a twist because fellow local blogger Julian Ware-Lane tried to hold him to account, UKIP effectively announcing that Labour and the Lib Dems are keeping the seats warm before they jump into bed with their Independent Party bedfellows and now this.

As I suspected, the coalition is somewhat fragile and will require a Herculean effort to hold it together. If this is the appetiser, I can not wait for the main course when more testing decisions have to be made.

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