Sunday, 19 October 2014

One thing in opposition, another in power

Readers of this blog will know that one thing I dislike the most in politics are hypocrites. I have more time for people who are consistently wrong in my eyes but at least have the conviction to stand true to their principles and beliefs.

The latest case of double standards falls to the new Independent Party leader of Southend Council Ron Woodley. Back in December, parts of the town were graced with the Conservative looking leaflet from Ron Woodley on their doormats claiming, as he has done repeatedly, that borrowing under the previous Conservative administration was 'out of control'.

You can imagine my surprise when looking at 6.6 of the Treasury Management report which went to Cabinet recently, in Cllr Woodley's name, which contained the following line:

"The current level of borrowing is also in line with the Council's prudential indicators and is prudent, affordable and sustainable"

As this report covers quarter1 of the current financial year - a period when the Conservatives were in control of the Council, shows the outrageous lengths that Cllr Woodley went to deceive the public on the issue of Council finances.

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