Saturday, 11 October 2014

Shoebury Libraries

After the new Independent Party led coalitions first real decision was to axe Cory, the town's refuse collector, their second decision, after all the fanfare of a review, was to, er, agree with the last Conservative administration on library provision in Shoebury.

I am pleased that Shoebury will receive a new library and the elderly and vulnerable will still have access to the mobile library - it is just a shame that thousands of pounds of taxpayers money was spent on a review to come up with the same decision.

What this whole episode has shown is the hot air and lack of moral compass from Shoeburyness Independent Party councillor Anne Chalk. When as a councillor, I had to endure the endless hours of her pointless tripe that she espoused on saying that she would fight to save Friars Library and through her leaflets, how she would be taking this through Council. Anne even managed to find time to write a rare blog post on the issue.

When the Cabinet rubber stamped the decision last month, Anne had the opportunity to ask the Scrutiny Committee to review the decision and ask for Cabinet to have another look. A quick glance at the agenda for Monday's meeting shows that the item isn't even up for debate. So much for Anne taking this through Council.

This decision not to pursuit the matter comes as no surprise as from the correspondence I have seen, she has been slapped down by the leader of the Council on this issue. So much for being an Independent! So everyone, after me, let's sing follow the leader, leader, follow the leader.

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