Thursday, 16 October 2014

Trouble At Mill

It would seem all is not well in the Southend UKIP camp. Still smarting from not securing his party's nomination for the Rochford & Southend East seat no doubt, the UKIP Group Leader James Moyies took to the Echo to bizarrely criticise local businesses for securing grants to boost new local jobs and apprenticeships.

Just a few days later, a readers letter appeared from UKIP councillor Lawrence Davies completely disagreeing that grants to businesses are a bad thing. A somewhat thinly veiled attack on Cllr Moyies. With such divisions now public, it is clear why Cllr Moyies didn't secure the nomination. It will be an interesting spectator sport to see if the UKIP divisions grow.

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Matthew S. Dent said...

I may be wrong -- and I'm sure James will correct me if I am -- but I was under the impression that Cllr Davies was one of his close allies.

With friends like that...