Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Lame Duck Leader

When first looking at the title of this post you could be forgiven in thinking that this would be about Ed Milliband, but the major local political story this week was the revelation in the Southend Echo of the open warfare with the Southend UKIP branch.

I had long suspected this may be the case but now it has spilled over into the public domain. This story was first broken by Conservative blogger James Courtenay.

Although James Moyies is leader of the local UKIP group it does remain to be seen for how much longer. Just last month, we had Cllr Davies, though to be considered an ally of James Moyies, openly criticising him. This is quite impressive as they have only been elected for six months.

It has been interesting looking at the performance of UKIP since May. It has generally been accepted that their attendance has been woeful, We have had Cllr Davies organising a game of Monopoly whilst the Council were discussing the closure of local Care Home.

Cllr Waterworth's big idea was to lobby the Leader of the Council to relax the dress code. Looking at how Cllr Davies was dressed to honour the war dead at the Remembrance Service it seems he has taken Cllr Waterworth's advice as this was straight from the Michael Foot campaign guide!

Still, at least residents will know that when UKIP claim they are fight for local residents what they really mean is that they are fighting each other.

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