Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Delivered to my inbox this evening was a copy of the latest newsletter from the Burgess Estate Residents Association (BERA).

The newsletter was sent by a bemused BERA member as it would appear that BERA Chairman Ron Woodley is talking to himself. For those readers who are unaware, BERA Chairman Ron Woodley is also an elected councillor and Leader of Southend Council.

Contained in the newsletter was this little gem:

"The Council having been reminded of their Civic responsibility to maintain an attractive street scene, including our parks and open spaces, have responded accordingly."

I wonder when the BERA Chairman reminded the Leader of the Council? Still, the BERA Chairman/Leader of the Council didn't have far to go to remind the culprit for letting things slip in Thorpe Bay as the Portfolio Holder for clenliness in Southend is none other than his Thorpe Bay ward colleague and BERA member Cllr Martin Terry!

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