Sunday, 8 February 2015

Is This The Representation That West Shoebury Residents Voted For?

Following local Conservative opposition, I was delighted that the proposal to close two public toilets in Shoeburyness has been shelved by the new Independent Party led Administration.

Whilst delighted that the toilets have been spared the axe, I am a little concerned that a further £40,000 is to be taken out of the waste budget as a result. Curiously, the details in the budget papers claim that the saving will be:

“ … provision for the gain-share mechanism in place with the existing waste collection contractor, which will not be required under the proposed contractual arrangements for the new waste collection contract”

Whatever this drivel means in reality who knows. So much for openness and transparency in the new Administration! Whilst I am sure back bench members of the new Administration will be claiming credit for their 'efforts', I was somewhat surprised at UKIP's (or not UKIP) James Moyies latest tweet on his efforts to spare the public toilets from closure:

It has been highlighted on this blog before that James has previously tried to claim credit for Conservative initatives. This time however, he has come unstuck. How James has managed to keep the toilets in West Road open is beyond me, as in the 15 years that I have lived in West Road there has never been any public toilets.

The proposal from the Independent Party led Administration was to close the toilets on East Beach and Campfield Road. 

I know James has been very busy lately fighting his UKIP parliamentary candidate rather than fighting for West Shoebury residents but this really takes the buscuit! West Shoebury residents are good folk and deserve better representation than this. 

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