Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Litter Bins Set For The Chop

You may recall that the leader of Southend Council last month claimed that this would be a budget that would ensure that the streets were kept clean. Well, one of the proposals to ensure the streets are kept clean was to save £20,000 by removing litter bins in residential areas.

Yesterday, I received the list of the locations where the litter bins are to be culled:

It would appear that Shoebury, once again, is to be disroportionally impacted than the rest of the town with 11 due to face the axe.

I am starting to wonder whether this Administration really hates Shoebury. I mean, we were due to lose 2 public toilets until local residents revolted. Shoebury did not receive a single penny in highway and footpath improvements, had all but one full time librarian removed as part of their library review and now 11 bins to face the axe.

You would never believe that a member of the Cabinet is actually a Shoeburyness ward councillor.

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