Friday, 20 March 2015

A Loss to West Shoebury

I was saddened to hear earlier this week that Cllr Liz Day has decided to resign as a West Shoebury councillor with immediate effect. Liz has been figting a gutsy, brave and determined battle against breast cancer. Unfortunately, Liz's health has detoriated and feels that it is time to hand over her duties.

Liz was more than just a ward colleague over the past 10 years, she became a personal friend. I believe that Liz's departure from civic life will be a loss to West Shoebury and the Council chamber - especially her work on fostering and adoption.

This means that when residents go to the polls on the 7th May, they will be electing two councillors as well as a member of Parliament. A selection process is currently underway to find a candidate to replace Liz.


Anonymous said...


I am saddened by the this news, but not surprised. I found Liz an honourable and excellent Councillor for Southend-on-Sea, caring for the Children and the elderly alike. Although We were on opposite of the Chamber, in my four years I was pleased to listen and learn from Liz.

Please pass my good wishes to her and her family,

Paul Collins (former Lib Dem Councillor, Westborough Ward)

Tony Cox said...


Good to hear from you. Hope you and your family are well. Thanks for the kind words, I will pass them onto her husband.

Kind Regards