Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hypocrite Number 2

This little nugget appeared in last weeks Echo which has seemed to gone un-noticed on Southend's political blogsphere.

In her first year we have heard very little of the dulcet tones of Cllr Mulroney yet in true Rainbow Coalition fashion her first words of note are blatent hypocrisy.

In a previous post, I exposed the hypocrisy of Cllr Assenheim in criticising the removal of the litter bins in Shoebury but later that evening voting for their removal.

In the latest case of this illness spreading through the Rainbow Coalition, we now have Cllr Mulroney claiming that parking charges in Belton Way are harming local shops.

This would have been a noble cause hadn't Cllr Mulroney voted to increase car parking charges on average by 11% and parking charges in the High Street by 20% two weeks ago which are surely going to impact local business.

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