Sunday, 15 March 2015

Woodley's Musings

Another of the Independent Party leaflets that warrants further scrutiny is that of Leader of the Council Ron Woodley.

Again, another common feature of all the Rainbow Coalition leaflets is the collective amnesia of Council Tax rising by 1.95%, car parking charges hiked on average by 11%, 55 litter bins being removed across the town, public toilets on borrowed time and 5 officers who deal with fly tipping and issuing on the spot fines for dog fouling finding their way to the labour exchange.

There is a candid admission that under any Independent Party led administration in Southend there will be further services lost although there are no precice details on what these will be. There is also the usual Woodley Council fianances maths lesson. I would love to be a fly on the wall in 'Tyrone Road Towers' to see if he actually believes the nonsense he espouses.

Another service which will be abolished on the 1st April will be the textile recycling service. Again, this does not feature in the leaflet but the little nugget is that Ron is offering to deliver top up white textile recycling sacks to Thorpe residents doors. So, if Thorpe residents are running low on white textile recycling sacks, remember, you only have 16 days to use Ron's generous offer.

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