Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Map For Gilbert & Kelly

This afternoon, I got a telephone call from a confused party helper whilst out delivering our latest leaflet in Vincent Close.

The conversation was slightly surreal in that they were repeatingly asking if Vincent Close was in West Shoebury ward. Having been a councillor for 8 years in West Shoebury and a candidate again in May I could assure my helper that Vincent Close was indeed a part of West Shoebury ward.

It would appear that the confusion had arisen, as a Labour leaflet featuring Labour parliamentary candidate Ian Gilbert and Labour local election candidate Maggie Kelly had been delivered to the road. The only problem is that Maggie Kelly is a candidate for neighbouring Shoeburyness ward.

I know fellow blogger Matthew Dent likes to point out candidates lack of geographical skills so I wait in eager anticipation for his post condemning this faux pas. I am not sure how far this leaflet has been delivered in West Shoebury but as we are now in the tightly regulated election expenses period I will be making sure that the leaflets delivered in West Shoebury forms part of the Labour candidates for West Shoebury election expenses.

Still, this mishap pales into insignificance compared to the Ukip councillor in West Shoebury who claimed to save the non existent toilets in West Road from closure!

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