Sunday, 17 May 2015

Move Over UKIP, Here Come Southend Independence Group

After the separation, we now have the divorce as the three expelled/suspended UKIP councillors have now formed their own group Southend Independence.

According to an article in Friday's Echo, it would appear that their first action will be to join the Rainbow Coalition. On a leaflet that I delivered on polling day, it warned that if there wasn't a majority Conservative Administration there would be a rag tag coalition running the Council. We now have the Independent Party, Labour, Lib Dems and Southend Independence (UKIP) running Southend Council.

From this new grouping there are two questions which need answering. Firstly, we have heard much noise from Labour councillors about their opposition to UKIP. Are they happy with the arrangement of being in coalition with what are effectively UKIP councillors in all but name.

The second is Southend Independence Group agreement of supporting the Administration in exchange for a review of car parking charges. It is worth remembering that only a few months ago, the UKIP rebels voted with the Administration to increase car parking charges on average by 11% and in some areas by 20%.

I would imagine that the Leader of the Council is still holding his belly from the laughter at Tyrone Road Towers if Southend Independence can be brought off that easy. They seriously must think that we are all stupid.

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