Thursday, 21 May 2015

The New Shoebury Library

Within minutes of being elected, I received an email informing me that work will shortly begin at Shoebury Youth Centre to create the new library for Shoeburyness. Both Thorpedene and Friars Library will remain open until the new library is operational.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the AGM of the Shoeburyness Residents Association. At this meeting, councillors were asked to give an update on the new Shoebury library works. It was during these discussions, that the Shoeburyness Independent Party councillors claimed that Friars library will still remain open once the new library is operational.

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog may be remember that this was also a claim made by former Independent Party councillor Anne Chalk during the election campaign. As this information was contrary to the Cabinet decision, I decided to investigate further with officers at the Council.

The information that I received was quite revealing, confirming my understanding that the Council will not be maintaining a Council-run library at Friars once the new library opens. There was of course the option of Community Groups running a library provision at either Thorpedene or Friars once the new library opens. As yet, officers have not received any applications from Community Groups to run a library provision at Friars.

I will let readers draw their own conclusions.

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