Monday, 14 September 2015

Conservative Southend Borough Council candidates

A task this summer for my local Conservative Association was to select candidates to fight the local elections in May 2016. I am pleased to announce that the candidates selected in the East of the town are as follows:

Kursaal - Simon Gittus
Milton - Deborah Lennen-Wood
Thorpe - Jon Bacon
Shoeburyness - Sue Abrahams
Southchurch - Alex Bright
St Lukes - Del Thomas
West Shoebury - Cllr Derek Jarvis
Victoria - Denis Garne

One noticeable name omitted for the list of names is that of current sitting Southchurch councillor David Garston. On the contary to what has been published on the local blogssphere, David has moved to Leigh and decided to fight a seat in the West of the town.

I was delighted to hear that David has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Prittlewell and look forward to seeing David return to the Council albiet in a different ward. I wish David all the very best during his campaign.

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