Monday, 14 September 2015

Shoeburyness High School Planning Application

Shoeburyness High School is one of those rare examples in Southend where the schools exam results rival that of the town's Grammar school. This is no mean feat considering the areas of deprovation which form the school's catchment area.

The head teacher and all the school staff rightly should be commended and all the awards and congratulations are richly deserved.

There is, however, an issue which since my return on the Council has been gathering momentum and is causing a major headache to residents who live in nighbouring and surrounding roads to the school which is that of inconsiderate parking.

There is a tendancy for some who live close to schools to complain about absolutely everything, I except that, but during term time I receive numerous calls from residents about inconsiderate parking ranging from blocking drives, parking on pavements and yellow lives and parents droping their children off in the mornings and afternoons.

During the six weeks school holidays, I did not receive one single query. One Council meeting which still meets over the summer is that of Development & Control which judges the merits of planning applications.

I and my fellow colleagues were concerned with a recent planning application from Shoeburyness High School. I have no problem with good schools wanting to expand. In fact they schould be encouraged to do so as long as school recreation and playing fields are dispensed with in the process.

The concerns I had was with the loss of four parking spaces which was being proposed in the planning application. I was also furious that the School, as part of the planning application, had included all the car parking spaces in the public car park behind the school which serves the leisure centre, Shoebury Youth Centre and the new Library as current car park spaces within the school grounds.

Considering the issues with parking in the neighboring and surrounding roads I was pleased on this occasion that planning permission was refused. At present there are no current time restrictions on parking in this car park which invites school staff to park there all day.

This picture was taken on day two of the new school year and the new Library had not as yet opened its doors. There were only four available spaces. With the new library opening today, I expect my phone will be red hot today.

To help resolve this problem, I am please that the Conservatives suggestion of placing a time limit on this car park is on the agenda of this weeks meeting of the Traffic & Parking Working Party. It is a measure which will receive my full support.

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