Friday, 11 December 2015

Questions From Members of the Council

A permanent feature at Full Council meetings is the half an hour allocated to members to ask questions to either the Leader of the Council of Portfolio Holder on any subject of their choice.
As it is coming to the budget setting time the Leader is trotting out his well used line that borrowing was too high under the previous administration.
I decided to use one of my two permitted questions yesterday evening to finally get to the bottom of the Leader's well rehearsed line.
On page 5 of the tabled questions, I asked the Leader to tell the Council which schemes under the previous Conservative administration that were financed by borrowing he would not have proceeded with.  
As you can see from the written response, it was a long winded answer to say none! As a suplimentary question, I asked the Leader of the Council if he could tell the Chamber which schemes he voted against in opposition.
Again, the answer was quite revealing. He couldn't name any! To view the exchange, you can watch the webcast here

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